Software & SaaS

We have been doing B2B technology storytelling for high-tech software and SaaS companies for over 20 years.
We not only know how to communicate with your solution engineers, product managers and consultants to tell your unique story; we also know where to find your prospects and how best to get your message in front of them.

Positioning yourself as a thought leader in your area of expertise is key to building a relationship with your prospects. Connecting you with your prospects and working with you to move them through the marketing funnel is our expertise.

Our clients have seen tangible results such as:
• Over 20% annual growth in email contact lists
• Open and Click rates of over 15% – more than 21K Opens and 3K Clicks per year
• Over 600 new leads through HubSpot in first year of usage
• Over 8% average annual increase in web traffic

We’ve worked with software and SaaS companies throughout the spectrum of ERP, CRM, SRM, HCM, Analytics, Data Management, E-Discovery, Cyber Security, staffing, AMS and more; as well as across a wide range of industries including life science, manufacturing, retail, supply chain, HR, WSD, CPG, high tech and many more.

These are some of the software and SaaS companies that we’ve worked with.