High Tech Hardware

We have been doing B2B technology storytelling and content marketing for high-tech design and manufacturing companies for over 20 years.

We not only know how to communicate with your target engineers and decision-makers; we also know where to find them online and how best to get your message in front of them.

In the technology sector, keeping up a strategic flow of content is the proven road to marketing success. Our clients have seen tangible results such as:

• Over 20% annual growth in email contact lists
• Open and Click rates of over 15% – more than 21K Opens and 3K Clicks per year
• Over 600 new leads through HubSpot in first year of usage
• Over 8% average annual increase in web traffic

We’ve worked with high-tech clients throughout the spectrum of chips to systems and software; as well as across a wide range of industries including communications, consumer electronics, aerospace, military, test/measurement systems, and manufacturing equipment.

These are some of the high-tech companies that we’ve served: