Digital Marketing

Let’s face it, choosing the right digital marketing tools for your particular situation has become really difficult in today’s world. New buzz words abound, software feature sets are becoming more complex and it’s often hard to understand which capabilities are best suited to achieving your company’s real-world objectives.

We know the THE ANSWER when someone asks which platform is the best… That answer is: “IT DEPENDS”. It depends on the marketing and sales goals you’re trying to achieve, what staff resources and skills you have in-house, and what will fit your budget.

Over the past ten years of helping clients formulate and leverage their messaging via a range of online outbound/inbound marketing methodologies, we offer these best-of-breed tools.

We are authorized partners for HubSpot and Constant Contact so we can easily tailor the right solution to fit your needs and budget today while also offering the features and scalabiilty to meet your future needs as well.

HubSpot has been the undisputed leader in inbound marketing since 2006. They invented the concept and today’s HubSpot software brings together a complete set of inbound tools all in one platform, making it easier than ever to integrate your blogging, email, landing pages, SEO, social media and marketing automation with a full content management system to integrate with or even host your web site. In addition, it has a built-in CRM that seamlessly shares the same database as the marketing automation engine. HubSpot is widely accepted as the gold-standard for a fully integrated inbound marketing solution.

Constant Contact is the industry’s proven go-to resource for cost-effective, easy-to-use, business-class email marketing. Constant Contact is designed for optimally connecting with and growing your customer and prospect databases. The primary focus is on pushing information out via regular emails and tracking activities such as Opens, bounces, and click-throughs of embedded links. The Constant Contact platform also integrates excellent Event Management and Survey tools.  If you don’t need all of the bells and whistles of a full marketing automation platform, Constant Contact can be a perfect fit for both your needs and your budget.

ResourceBoxe can play virtually any role that you’d like; from getting you set-up and trained for optimal in-house management to being an integrated part of your on-going digital marketing team, such as writing your blogs, building your landing pages, driving your campaigns and social media, etc.